Give thanks to health staff

A Hampsthwaite woman is planning to run the Nidderdale Way in a day to say thank you to healthcare workers.

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 2:58 pm
Lauren Audsley in training on the Nidderdale Way for her charity run. Picture Gerard Binks

Physiotherapist Lauren Audsley, who normally runs four miles and has done a few half marathons, says it is time to repay the debt owed to health workers at Harrogate Hospital.

“I want to say thank you to NHS workers for their daily efforts to help and support our vulnerable.

“Caring for our loved ones throughout the pandemic has been physically and emotionally exhausting for staff on the front line.”

Calling on people to sponsor her run, she added: “Let’s show healthcare workers how much they are appreciated and gift them a spa treatment or session after the past year of gruelling challenges in the workplace and at home.”

Lauren is set to run the 53-mile Nidderdale Way on June 20 and says it is a tough challenge for her.

“I’m slow, short of stature and leg length, and I don’t appear to have been gifted much athletic ability,” said Lauren.

“I normally do four milers. Training is running - lots of running, with a bit of stretch and strength stuff thrown in for good measure.

“But I’m stubborn, and digging deep to build up my mileage. It’s a mere 53 miles.”

She added: “I realise many health care staff have been physically and emotionally challenged by Covid and I know myself how amazing it feels to just go and unwind in a spa.

“It’s pretty simple really - raise lots of money, and say thanks to some amazing people with a lovely relaxing gift.”

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