Girl’s hair cut tribute to baby

A schoolgirl has reached her dream of having her hair cut to help youngsters going through cancer treatment in tribute to her baby cousin.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 9:36 am

Isabel Bennett seven, of Wetherby, had 15.5 inches of her golden locks cut off to raise over £1,300 for the Little Princess Trust.

Mum Samantha Bennett explained: “We lost our nephew Max Moment seven years ago. He was 17 months old. He had a rare form of childhood cancer.

“Isabel was only one month old when he passed away but we have alway spoken about him and he will alway be a part of our family, and my brother Ben Moment is very proud of his niece and what she does in memory of his son.

“Isabel has been deeply moved by Max and his struggles and since she has been old enough she has wanted to raise money for various cancer charities, so I am sure she will do something again next year.”

Samantha added: “For a couple of years Isabel has wanted to have her cut to make a wig for children going through Cancer treatment.

“We tried to ‘talk her out of it’ as she had the most beautiful long blonde hair and we didn’t want her to ever be upset or regret getting her hair cut.

“However she was so determined. We told her to wait until she was seven and we would talk about it then.

“So then Covid hit and obviously lockdown meant the hairdressers were closed so Isabel’s plans were scuppered once again.

“When Boris Johnson was set to announce the lifting of the latest lockdown restrictions whereby hairdressers could reopen Isabel sat with baited breath to see if she could finally achieve her goal.

“As soon as he announced it she made me make her appointment straight away.”

The youngster had 15.5 inches of her hair cut off by Wetherby hairdresser Karrie-Ann Pearson from Mirror Mirror.

“She beamed from ear to ear the whole time,” added Samantha.

“The hairdresser could not believe how excited she was and had to make her sit still as she was just bouncing away with happiness.”

Isabel, who goes to Sicklinghall Primary, wanted to raise £250 for the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for children who lose their hair while having cancer treatment.

But after smashing her original target, she reset her ambitions after finding out that it costs £550 to make a wig.

She eventually raised £1,300. 50 through her Just Giving page, which has now been closed.

“We are so overwhelmed by people’s generosity, from family, friends, Isabel’s school friends, mine and my husband Sean’s colleagues and strangers and many anonymous donors, we thank you all,” added Samantha.

“You have made a little girl extremely happy that she can help other children who may have been going through a really hard time and just to make them feel happy and confident.”