Can you give these hogs a home?

After rehoming over 150 cats in the last year, RSPCA Harrogate is facing its biggest challenge to date - finding a home for Pinky and Perky.

Tuesday, 17th February 2015, 5:44 pm
NAWN 1502101AM1 Pot Bellied Pigs Pinky and Perky who need rehoming.(1502101AM1)

The two pot-bellied pigs currently live at the end of their owners garden, wallowing in mud and enjoying their lives as pampered pets.

However the current owner is hoping to find a new home for them where they can get all the love and attention they deserve.

Branch manager Colin Andrews is relishing the challenge of finding the porky pair a home away from the abattoir.

He said: “Usually with farm animals they can end up in an abattoir, but we don’t want that for these two pets.”

The two sisters are ‘miniature’ pot bellied pigs but are three feet in size.

“They are apparently a miniature breed but there is nothing particularly miniature about them I can see.

“They make great pets, some people really do love pigs.

“Despite their reputations pigs are very clean animals and very clever too.”

Although the RSPCA Harrogate primarily deals with cat rescues and rehoming, it has also helped to rehome a few dogs and a rat named Basil.

“I think these are certainly the most unusual animals I have ever had to rehome.

“I am also looking to rehome some fish complete with large tank.”

Contact Colin Andrews by emailing [email protected], calling 07817 344139 or find the branch on Facebook, search Harrogate District Rspca.