Bramham show unites village

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 2:06 pm

The Parish Council staged the produce show at the Pavilion and Playing Fields in a bid to give people the opportunity unite after a difficult 18 months of the pandemic.

“In short, this was an excellent village event which we hope will be the start of a new tradition in Bramham,” said Wetherby Ward Coun Linda Richards.

The event showcased everything from home-made preserves and fruit and vegetables to arts and crafts and children’s events.

Produce from Tenter Hill and Folly Allotments was on display with an ‘amazing’ variety of fruit and vegetables.

“Jams, jellies, chutneys and curds of every flavour were on show, with honey as the additional local element,” added Coun Richards.

“The range of liqueurs showed the ingenuity of residents to harness nature for positive purpose.

“Baking skills were well represented, with cakes of many different shapes and sizes, and scones of a variety of flavours.

“The flower display was a wonderful chance to view the beautiful blooms which so many residents grow.

“The arts and crafts exhibition area turned into an opportunity to see the fantastic skills which residents have in so many different ways.”

The children’s competition of “how many things can you fit in a matchbox” was described as ‘a wonder to behold’, with the winner achieving 65 items in one small box.

“The judges had a very hard job to award the certificates but worked purposely and some of the results surprised, as with the winner of the scones and the tomato s being children - Stanley Ingham and Edwin Whitehead.”

The event was hosted a session by 5Star who organised children’s football skills and games for the afternoon, and Georgina Mill and Emma Hunter deftly encouraged children with hammers to produce excellent eco flag from local flowers and leaves.

Food and Drink was provided by the Church at All Saints who hosted the tea and cakes section from the Pavilion and the Folly Allotments oversaw the barbecue. Bramham Community Action Group ran the bar and Lyndsey Savery brought the Vintage Ice Cream wagon.

“All the village groups were able to raise money for their groups; something they have not been able to during Covid and Lock Down,” added Coun Richards who said the event was well supported.

“Thanks must go to the Scouts group who loaned the large marquee and to the Wetherby Lions who put up two of their gazebos.”