£4,500 marathon effort by Harrogate's Twitter-friendly policeman

After his marathon finish, Paul stands proud in his cap. Picture: Paul Cording
After his marathon finish, Paul stands proud in his cap. Picture: Paul Cording

Harrogate's most Twitter-friendly traffic cop has thanked colleagues, friends and anonymous donors who helped him raise £4,500 for a life-saving Yorkshire charity.

Roads Policing Sergeant for North Yorkshire Police, Paul Cording, was one of over 40,000 runners in the London Marathon on Sunday April 23.

Harrogate-based officer, Paul, who is well-known in the town's social media circles for his interactive Twitter account, ran in aid of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Having initially set a fundraising target of £500, Paul soon re-thought the figure as generous donations from all over flooded onto his Just Giving Page.

He said: "I re-evaluated quite quickly. I'm so humbled by everyone's kindness and generosity. I think it's at least going to be somewhere in the region of £4,500."

Paul, who ran the entire 26 mile stretch in a flat-cap as a nod to his Yorkshire roots and chosen charity, completed the race in 4 hours 53 minutes.

No mean feat, during the most difficult parts of the run, Paul said it was the messages on the t-shirts of other runners that kept him going.

He said: "There's lots of people with their own personal reasons for running and you see some of the messages on people's shirts.

"When I was struggling a bit with my legs I remember seeing the back of this shirt and someone was running for a little girl who was born asleep and you just think everyone has their own story, and that really got me back into it."

As a Roads Policing Sergeant, Paul also said it was the traffic collisions he sees in his everyday job that inspired him to support YAS.

He said: "I see first hand the benefits of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, they are a charitable organisation that provides such a fantastic service getting patients to major trauma services really quickly.

"I've got a couple of blisters but all in all I think I've come home unscathed."