People updated over Linton bridge plans

Linton Bridge. Picture: Peter Langford
Linton Bridge. Picture: Peter Langford

The communities of Linton and Collingham are now expected to be given an update on the plans over the village bridge that was damaged in the Christmas floods.

Harewood Ward Councillor Matthew Robinson has arranged a public meeting to update residents over the Grade 2 listed structure which has been closed since the flooding.

The Linton Bridge provides a key link between Linton, Collingham and Leeds and is well used by people who live in the areas and surrounding.

Coun Robinson said: “The flooding over the festive period caused damage to homes in Collingham and disruption in our area more generally but the biggest issue for Collingham and Linton residents is that Linton Bridge has been put out of action.

"This has caused serious problems for local residents and businesses who have seen a key link road effectively taken out of action."

As a listed structure, there have been a number of issues over repairing the bridge which may require removing the existing southern arch and replacing it in the same style as the bridge originally was.

The local authority is also exploring the possibility of a temporary footbridge to run along the old railway line from Collingham and across the river to Linton.

Coun Robinson said: "The public meeting will give everyone an opportunity to ask questions of council officers and of local councillors and to get an update on progress.

"It is important that people are kept up to date but it is also important that we start to see progress in getting these issues resolved for the local community."

The meeting will be held on April 26 at 7.30pm in the Collingham Memorial Hall with Leeds City Council officers and will take place before the Collingham Parish Council AGM.