What is the true cost of clutter

Rev Sylvia Earle. (S)
Rev Sylvia Earle. (S)

So Greece has voted against the EU proposal to manage its debts.

Not a surprise but it doesn’t mean all their problems will go away. Unless you are planning a holiday it all seems a long way from here.

But I cannot help thinking that it is an extreme result of the culture of what I want I deserve.’ I would like’ becomes ‘I need’ and so we clutter up our lives with more possessions.

I read this week that the average child has electronic devices costing £1,000 (though it was an insurance company coming up with that figure and encouraging that they be insured) but it isn’t just children.

How many pairs of shoes do we really wear, or clothes, or do we use the sports equipment or read all those books?

If you can afford it well and good but we become anxious about theft or loss. If we cannot afford it we are creating our own personal economic crisis.

Jesus said take the plank out of your own eye so you can see more clearly to take the splinter out of your brother’s eye.

He also told us that where our treasure is there will be our heart also.

Conspicuous consumption tells the world around us that we care about things not people.

The Greek crisis will bear most harshly on the those who have least. That is the way of the world. Perhaps working to change that is more important than accumulating yet more ‘stuff’.

Sylvia Earle

Priest in Charge, Collingham with Harewood