The burden of stuff

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So, this is my first time writing in this column in the Wetherby News.

I am the “new boy” to the town and yes, I have managed to get lost in Wetherby, (maybe that’s a first for the town) but am now getting used to this lovely part of Yorkshire.

Life over the last few months has been surrounded by cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes and suitcases full of stuff.

Everything needed to be packed up in boxes before we moved from Plymouth to Wetherby, and so gradually, our belongings were packed and placed awaiting the move.

It was amazing how much stuff we have. I suppose a good question would be how much of that stuff do we really need? But we seem to buy more… and more.

In life we carry stuff. Sometimes “stuff” becomes burdens. The Luggage of life. Things that weigh us down. Problems. Illness. Sadness.

Sometimes we are embarrassed about an attitude or an action or reaction, and it goes into the suitcase marked guilt. More stuff to carry.

My Christian faith points me to the cross. It was at the cross that Jesus says come and leave you burdens.

Actually in scripture he says: (Matthew 11:28) “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” (NLT)

Stuff. We carry it. Jesus wants it.

Will you take the offer and leave the things that burden you with him?

Captain Kelston Stanford

Wetherby Salvation Army