North Yorkshire’s Policing candidates

Police and Crime Commissioner candidates have been announced. Below are Conservative Julia Mulligan and Labour's Ruth Potter (s)
Police and Crime Commissioner candidates have been announced. Below are Conservative Julia Mulligan and Labour's Ruth Potter (s)

North Yorkshire’s candidates for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections on November 15.

Voters will chose between two candidates – Conservative Julia Mulligan and Labour’s Ruth Potter.

tis  Julia Mulligan.  (121012M5)

tis Julia Mulligan. (121012M5)

Julia Mulligan

My name is Julia Mulligan; I hope this information is useful as you consider your vote.

I am standing because I want to help make your area safer; through my work I’ve seen the devastating effects of crime on individuals, families and communities. I believe these experiences, combined with the skills I have gained in my business career, most recently by running my own firm that specialises in working with the public sector, puts me in a strong position to do the job. Moreover, I’ve no connection with the Police Authority and I am independent of past decisions and issues. This means I will bring a fresh approach. If elected, my priorities will be to:

• Improve lives by tackling anti-social behaviour.

Councillor Ruth Potter - City of York Council

Councillor Ruth Potter - City of York Council

• Protect North Yorkshire with a crackdown on cross-border crime.

• Deliver the best policing for the best value in our communities. I will help increase police visibility with new ‘Parish Constables’; Special Constables with full powers of arrest based in smaller towns, villages and rural areas.

• I will focus resources on the frontline,

• Stand up for you – be your champion. Perhaps most importantly of all, I will be here to listen to you.

• Finally, on a personal note, I spent my childhood on a hill farm near Harrogate and I went to school in Harrogate so I am very much a local person.

• Please do contact me with your concerns and ideas, as this is most important of all. Thank you.

Ruth Potter

I have been a City of York Councillor for 12 years, holding cabinet level positions both in control and in opposition from 2002 to 2011. I was also Deputy Leader of the Labour Group from 2006 to 2010.

I was a member of the North Yorkshire Police Authority from 2005 to 2011 where I was elected to the Policy and Planning Board and the Police Authority Management Board. I represented the Authority at regional level and was lead member for Neighbourhood Policing.

I work as Operations Manager with a York-based Community Transport organisation.

I am very independent minded and have experience working across the political spectrum.

I am signed up to delivering on five key pledges:

• Stand up for communities against the Tories’ 20 per cent cuts to policing.

• Keep police on the beat with neighbourhood policing teams that include PCSOs.

• Back a strong and swift response to antisocial behaviour.

• Be tough on crime, and tough on the causes of crime.

• Protect the police from political interference.

I understand the cycle of crime that criminals spiral into when constantly going in and out of prisons, and believe in tough restorative justice.

I look forward to working with local people in every part of North Yorkshire.