New hotel opens its doors in Bramham

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A des res for wildlife has opened its doors in Bramham.

A bugs hotel, complete with fir cones, wood twigs and moss, has been created on a prime site in the village by Bramham in Bloom and the 1st Bramham Brownies.

In Bloom chairman Lynne Marshall said: “It all began at 6pm in a sunlit glade in The Bramham Wildlife Area situated off the Square.

“There were 16 excited Brownies, two Dads, Brownie Helpers, Brownie Leaders, plus good friend and volunteer Tess Ferres who met loaded up with bags of recyclable items.

“All the Brownies took turns to place their items in the levels of the frame constructed by Dad Russ and Dad Andy. Everyone became more and more eager as the construction took shape.”

Lynne added that all the materials, had been collected by the Brownies.

“By 7pm the magnificent building was complete and our first resident had moved in - a frog found in the wood pile was carefully introduced to the ground floor section of the dwelling.”

Brownies finished off the evening with a selection of songs.