Mum set to scale heights

A mum is set to scale new heights as she sets foot on her biggest-ever challenge - a 500-mile walk to raise awareness for mental health and the prevention of teen suicide in Harrogate.

Tuesday, 15th January 2019, 9:16 am
Updated Tuesday, 15th January 2019, 9:19 am
Pictured Sarah Shearman, Charity Founder. Pictured by James Hardisty.
Pictured Sarah Shearman, Charity Founder. Pictured by James Hardisty.

Sarah Shearman, aged 46, of Kearby near Wetherby, will be climbing the equivalent of two Mount Everests during her month-long trek around the North of England - from Hawes to Haworth, Staithes to Sheffield.

As Founder of the I Choose Life (ICL) Foundation - newly-launched to support anyone who is struggling with the stresses and strains of their life - she hopes the walk will raise £10,000.

Sarah said: “I very much understand that on some days, even getting out of bed can be a challenge - but I also know the value of doing it.

“I chose to walk throughout the Christmas and New Year period, when the weather can be draining, as some of us don’t have families to spend time with, and holidays can seem like the loneliest time.”

She set off from Harrogate on Boxing Day and hiked up to 19 miles every day on her route spanning the North of England before returning to the town, somewhat windswept and footsore, on Saturday January 26.

She is being accompanied throughout her journey her six-year-old husky dog, Yume, with friends, supporters and businesses joining her on different days en route to spur her on.

Sarah has turned to the expertise of Harrogate hiker Mike Brockhurst - founder and author of the acclaimed Walking Englishman website - to plot her unique route with a mix of easy, moderate, hard and strenuous walks.

With a cumulative ascent of over 16,000 metres - twice the height of Mount Everest - her daunting itinerary includes Tan Hill, home to the highest pub in the UK.

Her trek includes Monday January 21, dubbed “Blue Monday” for being classed the most depressing day of the whole year - but also a date to inspire people to make positive life decisions.