Morrisons’ Wetherby store’s bid to extend delivery hours

A  lorry arrives for loading at Morrisons' distribution centre. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.
A lorry arrives for loading at Morrisons' distribution centre. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.

An application to extend the hours of delivery to the Morrisons store from 4am to 11pm during the week has worried Wetherby residents.

Concerns were raised at the annual town council meeting as people living around the supermarket, based in the Horsefair Centre, said they are already affected by the noise.

The hours of delivery are currently from 6am to 10pm from Monday to Saturday and from 7am to 4pm on Sunday. The application to amend this condition, if passed by Leeds City Council (LCC), would see an extra three hours of delivery during the week and an earlier start on Sunday.

Coun John Procter (Con) said he will raise his concerns at his planning briefing with officers this week.

He said: “Clearly deliveries have got to get in and get out but it is about what time is most appropriate.

“The people who live in Victoria Court have deliveries on both sides, from Morrisons and Marks and Spencers, and what is clear to me is that we need to ensure whatever is has the least effect on residents in the surrounding area.

“With Morrisons there are all kinds of things that can be brought to bear on the mitigation of noise and clearly if Morrisons want to do something we need to make sure it doesn’t get worse, because it is an issue as it currently stands.”

The planning statement submitted with the application says the proposal will enable the store to develop sustainably and that longer delivery hours would not adversely impact surrounding residents.

It also states the current restrictions mean more deliveries take place during opening hours, posing a risk to customer and staff health and safety.

However, members of the town council’s planning committee met this week and decided to oppose any increase in delivery hours.

This recommendation is set to go before the town council on Tuesday.

Wetherby Mayor Harry Chapman said: “Locally we passed it back to LCC, telling them our thoughts on how ridiculous it is. As a town we have totally rejected it.

“Morrisons have got all day as it is and they want to extend it to 11pm. One lady even said they are queuing up the street there already.”

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “Our successful new format store includes a wider range of fresh produce to complement our focus on fresh fruit, vegetables fish and meat.

“As a result we need to amend our delivery times to get our products on the shelves as soon as possible.

“We strive to be a good neighbour and we welcome discussions with LCC to finalise the plans.”