Metal Theft bill launched

A Metal Theft Prevention Bill was introduced in the House of Commons on Tuesday marking a significant step forward in the efforts to stamp

out this dangerous and damaging act.

And Wetherby MP Alec Shelbooke has this week backed the launch by Graham Jones MP for Hyndburn, who is introducing the Private Members Bill.

“It is vital to crack down on all crime but metal theft is causing particular disruption in our area and in some cases leading to fatal consequences,” said Mr Shelbrooke.

“I know the Home Office is already considering what legislative changes could be made to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 and I look forward to further announcements shortly.”

The bill aims to close the holes in the regulatory system around metal theft which makes it easy for people to make money from stolen metal.

The proposals have received widespread support from industry too.

Energy Networks Association Chef Executive David Smith said: “With 700 incidents of metal theft against the energy networks each month, addressing the damage caused by thieves has become a daily challenge for those maintaining our critical national infrastructure.

“This hugely dangerous crime has already caused six fatalities and over 50 serious injuries in the last 12 months.”