Maureen gets top Police award

NAWN Maureen Brewer receives her award from Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison.
NAWN Maureen Brewer receives her award from Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison.

A woman who has been at the forefront of Wetherby crime prevention for the past 25 years has been honoured by West Yorkshire’s Police chief.

Maureen Brewer, chairman on Wetherby’s crime prevention panel, received a personal commendation from Sir Norman Bettison at a special ceremony.

She said the award, had come as a complete surprise.

“I didn’t know anything about it until I got the letter. I was very surprised and very, very pleased.”

Mrs Brewer has been doing volunteer work within the Wetherby community for 25 years. She has been a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for that time and has held the position of chairman on Wetherby Crime Prevention Panel for the past 20 years. It was this commitment to local crime prevention which won her the Chief Constable’s Commendation.

“It was really unexpected but it is really nice when the work you do to is recognised. I tend to think if something needs doing let’s get on with it’ and you don’t expect anything for it.”

Mrs Brewer and her husband Ken joined around 200 other award winners at the special afternoon tea presentation at Bishopgarth, Wakefield with Mrs Brewer being one of only 17 to receive Sir Norman’s personal commendation.

She said it had been a lovely day although walking out in front of everyone to collect her award had been a bit daunting Sir Norman had put everyone at ease.

“It was very nice to have my work for Neighbourhood Watch, Wetherby Crime Prevention Panel and North East Leeds Crime Reduction Unit recognised. I may have given many years of service to the community but I personally felt that many other recipients receiving their awards had carried out much more courageous efforts than mine.  I do this work because I care about crime and the after effects it causes”.

Wetherby Police Inspector, Marcus Griffiths said Mrs Brewer’s award was well deserved.

“Maureen works tirelessly to make sure the crime prevention message gets out to as many people as possible. Her levels of energy put us all to shame and her enthusiasm is quite contagious.

“When Maureen says she will get something done, it gets done and she will personally attend at least fifteen full-day events a year.

“Not only does she do all this but she is a volunteer at Wetherby police station as well. She helps with administrative tasks and talks to victims of antisocial behaviour. “The award she received from Sir Norman Bettison is well deserved and recognises her amazing level of commitment to help us work for a crime-free Wetherby.”

It is not the first award Mrs Brewer has received for her long standing commitment to crime prevention, at a recent meeting of the Crime Prevention Panel Insp Griffiths presented her with a framed Certificate of Achievement for her outstanding contribution to the crime prevention.