Man’s disappointment at Boston Spa’s heritage lighting decision

A Boston Spa resident has spoken of his disappointment at the decision to veto heritage lighting in the village.

The decision, which was recommended at the Boston Spa parish council meeting on Monday, will now see the go-ahead for standard style lighting columns to replace the current standard lights in the town.

A household consultation survey last month showed the majority of householders do not want old-style heritage street lights. 183 voted for the standard style lighting columns, as opposed to 115 voting for the old style heritage lights. The result is a major setback for campaigners who wanted the town to have the more expensive lighting to fit in with the town’s historic look.

Keith Jackson told the Wetherby News that he was ‘saddened’ by the decision: “I am very disappointed by this news. The Parish Council at its meeting on Monday dealt another blow to Boston Spa by not recommending heritage lights in the High Street. It is deeply disappointing that the council in making its decision chose to ignore the advice in the adopted Conservation Document to ‘retain or enhance the character of the conservation area ‘’.

“For the past two years the Parish Council has shown no enthusiasm for heritage lighting even though other historic places, including Wetherby, have recognised its many benefits.”

The Boston Spa parish council’s new website, which now has a interactive forum for users to make comment, has also seen a number of posts regarding the issue of street lighting which has divided the village.

Chairman of Boston Spa parish council, David Thomson, said: “The parish council have always taken a very neutral stance on the decision of street lighting in Boston Spa, and the process of this consultation has not given influence to any side one way or another. We are now waiting to hear back from Leeds City Council on a number of issues, such as the staggering and position of the lights, and when the work on the lights will actually begin.”

The cost of heritage style lights, as opposed to standard lights, was believed to be an extra £1000 per column. The standard lights will last for more than 25 years once replaced, the council added.