Lotherton Hall price hike here

Families wanting to visit Lotherton Hall are due to face a 25 per cent hike on ticket prices starting next month.

Thursday, 28th December 2017, 2:01 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th December 2017, 2:05 pm
Photo Essay........... New colony of Humboldt penguins in the new Costal Zone at Lotherton Hall. 21st November 2017. Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe

Day tickets at the popular attraction will rise to £7.50 from £6 for an adult claim Conservative councillors on the Labour controlled Leeds City Council.

They added that since 2010/11, increases in visitor numbers to the estate, which is owned and run by the City Council, has meant income has risen by over 90 per cent to £1.1m in 2016/17.

But the local councillors are warning that the the new price hikes risk putting people off visiting the attraction.

Coun Ryan Stephenson, Conservative Harewood Ward, said: “Like many local families I remember when you could visit Lotherton Hall and park all day for about £3.

“This planned increase in ticket prices – now over £7 for a single adult - is a prime example of this administration seeking to drain the well too often.”

Attractions at the estate have been revamped to include better facilities and the Lotherton Wildlife World now boasts penguins and capybara. Further improvements are planned.

But Coun Matthew Robinson, Conservative Harewood Ward, added: “The aim should be to make this a desirable location to visit all year round.”

Coun Robinson added: “I’m very supportive of Lotherton Hall as an asset of the City of Leeds but there is a risk people could be “priced out” by this decision and those on fixed incomes will be hit particularly hard.

“The administration also needs to think how people access Lotherton including by public transport - there is no bus service and walking to Lotherton is difficult.

An adult day ticket will cost £7.50 from January 1 2018. A child’s ticket will rise by £0.75 to £3.75.