Lions boost Sherburn high library

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New library facilities at Sherburn High School have been given a boost thanks to Lions International.

Morley and District President Clive Barwell visited the school last week to hand over a cheque for £500, raised by the Elmet Lions, to student librarians Dominique Obertelli and Elijah Stone to kick-start the development of additional research facilities.

“Plans are in place to purchase computers, work-stations, chairs and for the necessary network and electrical cabling so the start-up funding has been vital to get the project off the ground,” said school librarian Ann Hannam.

Mrs Hannam met Clive to discuss the plans and added: “Without such a generous donation, this project would have taken much longer to come to fruition and the students need the additional facilities now.

“There is a growing demand for supervised computer facilities and it is not always possible to finance projects of this nature from the school budget so the Elmet Lions donation has been a wonderful boost to our development plans, thank you Lions.”

The Elmet Lions are hoping to attract new members to their pride. If you would like to know more, email them with your contact details at or contact Ann Hudson on 01977 680836 or mobile 07801 827016.