Letters: Greenfield vs Brownfield sites

two sites developed by housebuilder Gleeson
two sites developed by housebuilder Gleeson
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I would like to commend the Belper News for giving generous publicity to the many objections to proposed housing developments at Derwent Street, Bullsmoor and Pottery Farm.

But there is another issue that we should all be concerned about and that is the probity of the people who have come up with these proposals, namely, the officers and members of Amber Valley Borough Council, who at the end of the day have the power to decide whether these schemes go ahead.

Pauline Latham MP in her hard-hitting critique asks why greenfield sites have now been selected after previous opposition by the Labour group.

It is well known that builders make handsome profits from greenfield developments which they cannot from Brownfield and as everyone should know it happens from time to time that the protagonists use wheeler-dealing to get the decision they want and this is especially likely to happen when council personnel have conflicts of interest.

I am not making accusations but Mrs Latham has raised an intriguing issue and there are other questions about these proposed developments which we are not going to get answers to any time soon.

-John O’Melia

-Lodge Drive, Belper

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