Letter: Morrisons car park - An urgent response needed

Morrison, Wetherby.
Morrison, Wetherby.

New signs have appeared in Morrisons main car park regarding parking rules.

These signs state that the car park is “For use only whilst shopping on site” and is a “Customer only car park”.

This car park is subject to a covenant which allows general parking for up to two hours and you do not have to shop in Morrisons to be able to use this facility.

It is a Wetherby car park, not a Morrisons car park.

The town council have confirmed that Morrisons cannot enforce these parking restrictions in the Horsefair car park. You can be fined if you are in the car park longer than two hours, but you cannot be fined if you choose to spend that two hours shopping in Wetherby in general and do not visit Morrisons.

These notices are causing confusion with many shoppers, who are choosing to park elsewhere, rather than risk a fine.

We are now seeing incidents of the Morrisons car park having spare spaces and the new car park opposite being full.

This problem needs to be addressed by Morrisons very quickly with the busy Christmas shopping season upon us.

Parking in Wetherby can be a problem and the new Cluster of Nuts car park, on the site of the old lorry park, is a great addition, providing many more spaces.

However, if this car park is full and Morrisons has spare capacity because of these incorrect signs, the parking situation has not been improved.

The incorrect sections of the signs could easily be covered with tape, awaiting new signage. This is a very urgent problem, requiring and urgent response from Morrisons.

There is also the general ”unawareness” in Wetherby regarding the Wilderness car park – the largest in the town with unlimited time for parking.

There is a strong possibility that this will become limited parking, perhaps four hours.

There are over 300 businesses who currently rely on all day parking for their staff and clients, and there will be a massive problem when/if the Wilderness changes it parking times.

The Wetherby Business Association are actively looking for answers to this perennial problem, including park and ride and are hopeful of a successful conclusion.

Denise Podlewska

Vice chairman, Wetherby

Business Association