Letter: Flooding - Top response by local services

The clean up in Tadcaster after the flooding
The clean up in Tadcaster after the flooding

Following the recent flooding in the area I felt I should write and comment on what we saw as a prompt and efficient service from the local emergency services.

On Boxing Day by late afternoon in our small village sandbags were being delivered to all who needed them. The police were knocking on the doors of vulnerable households to check if everything was OK. Late evening when houses were flooding the fire service were pumping out one house to the best of my knowledge. We will never forget a couple of days later a knock at the door and two volunteers were calling to see how or if they could help.

My wife and myself are both in our mid-seventies and although the garden was under six feet of water in places the house was unaffected and so we were able to point out houses where they might be needed.

But as they left we noticed that the gentleman of the pair had two prosthetic legs yet he had travelled a long way to offer help to those perceived to be in need.

There are some long term residents in the village and in living memory they have never seen the river so high or fast flowing, so good luck and many thanks to all those who rallied round and helped those who needed it when they needed it.

Long may it continue through many people’s long road back to normality.

Let’s all take heart from the chap who had both legs blown off but still found time to come and offer assistance.

Barry and Judith Parkin

Newton Kyme, Tadcaster