Letter: Economy - Disgusted by parking charge

Mr J Bell is disgusted by parking charge
Mr J Bell is disgusted by parking charge

For many years my wife and I have spent many happy hours visiting your lovely little town. It is always beautifully kept and has made us feel welcome.

Over the years we have made it most Saturdays. We drive to town, do shopping, go down to the river and generally enjoy ourselves.

During this time some changes have taken place, notably the establishment and growth of Morrisons supermarket, and my wife and I (by the way I am 90 years old and my wife is 85) got into the habit of going for a meal in their cafe before we did our shopping.

At one time Morrisons operated the parking and regulations, which allowed three hours parking, but understandably during summer months and race days many of the parking places were taken up by the visitors, to the exclusion of regular shoppers.

This, I understand, prompted the supermarket to arrange for a car park management group to run the parking. New regulations, one of which reduced the allowed time from three hours to two and a half hours, after which, a fine of £85 was levied.

The effect on many of the disabled and elderly shoppers was immediate, Many could no longer have a meal in comfort and do their shopping in the time allowed. I, myself, a blue badge holder, found it very difficult to cope in that time. Having shopped on the Saturday, imagine my disgust to find a parking charge of £85, time over set limit seven minutes.

Obviously I shall appeal against the fine, but I felt that, as the voice of Wetherby, you should at least have some public remark to your readers.

Mr J Bell

Acomb, York