Letter: Accident - Lifeguards saved my life

Wetherby Leisure Centre
Wetherby Leisure Centre

I suffer with multiple sclerosis.

On Tuesday, November 17, I went to Wetherby Leisure Centre swimming pool. Only a few moments after being lowered into the pool I lost consciousness and slipped beneath the water.

The purpose of my letter is to extend my heartfelt thanks to the poolside staff that leapt into the pool, pulled me from the water and immediately commenced mouth to mouth and cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

They then assisted me until an ambulance and paramedics arrived to transport me to Harrogate District Hospital where I was detained overnight.

Without their extremely prompt actions I would possibly not be here now.

A subsequent visit to the leisure centre, after my release from hospital, revealed that the two members of staff (David and Johnnie?) who managed my resuscitation were both experiencing real life resuscitation, rather than a training exercise, for the first time.

I would of course also like to thank the paramedics (John and Judith) who monitored my condition until they handed me into the care of A&E staff at Harrogate District Hospital.

Gillian Moorhouse