Layers of grease spread over Sandringham Park

Grease was smeared over play equipment at Wetherby's Sandringham Park. (S)
Grease was smeared over play equipment at Wetherby's Sandringham Park. (S)

An angry mum said layers of grease spread on play equipment in Wetherby’s award-winning Sandringham Park could have caused serious injury.

Amy Lund, who was taking her baby to the park for a ParkFit class, saw the contents of a margarine tub smeared across the slide, see-saw, climbing frame, and the floor.

The swings were also wound around the frame in the green-flag site and Mrs Lund photographed what she called the ‘outrageous and unacceptable’ mess and sent them to the police and the Wetherby News.

“In my eyes it is intended to cause an accident. If it was an egg, or flour, or shaving foam it is vandalism, but when it is actually grease, as a mother you know it could really cause a fatal injury as a worst case scenario,” she said.

“It is not just a prank, it is malicious because it is meant to cause injury. My three-year-old and even a 10-year-old might not have looked and have been hurt.”

The park has won acclaim after being transformed by local residents.

“They have done a lot of work tackling antisocial behaviour and it was set up from something quite derelict and they have really turned it round, but then you see things like that on very good play equipment”, added Mrs Lund.

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