Last chance call to residents

wet  Collingham aerial.  100310M21b.
wet Collingham aerial. 100310M21b.

Residents have until March 8 to comment on design proposals for over 140 homes near the A58 in Collingham.

The original planning application in 2014 was rejected by LCC following a strong representation by villagers, however an appeal by the developers was upheld, against the wishes of the community and Leeds City C by the Secretary of State in 2016.

Spokesman for Collingham Residents Action Group, Jeff Forest said: “While it is accepted that Collingham does need additional housing and that this site will now be developed, it is the opinion of CRAG that the latest design and layout shown in the documentation now with the council is not a suitable proposal.

“Despite numerous representations there is little consideration being shown to existing residents adjacent to the site with, due to the increased quantity, new properties being located in such a way that the butt right up to and over look existing residents.

“The fact that the number of properties has grown again and that the build materials, despite a previous agreement at appeal stage, are not sympathetic to the existing village appearance are just two of the objections being made by residents.”

He added: “Due to the potential 20 per cent increase in residents and the effect that this will have on all village amenities, specifically the school and doctors’ surgery, it is suggested that Collingham residents, whether directly affected or not, do have a look at the proposals with the council and also at some of the comments already made.”

The plans are at: and the reference is 17/08289.