Knaresborough could see the return of the farmers market

The previous farmers market held at Market Square.
The previous farmers market held at Market Square.

Knaresborough Town Council (KTC) are set to discuss the possibility of bringing back the farmer’s market to the town centre.

Following the ‘disappointing’ closure of the previous market KTC set up a working group to explore the options of bringing back a newer improved version.

But now the group will take their findings and recommendations to the next town council meeting on Mon February 15 to see if an action plan can be made.

Chairman of the KTC working group, Councillor James Monaghan said: “There had been a long running farmer’s market but it had been held on a Sunday when lots of local shops aren’t open.

“So there just wasn’t the footfall and the market dwindled.

“We were really disappointed when the farmers market decided to close but we understood why.”

In looking at ways that the previous market could be improved on, the working group has made a number of suggestions.

As well as moving the day of the market to a busier trading day, the group have also looked into possible changes in location including to Waterside, Market Square or to Castlegate.

Coun Monaghan said: “What we think will be most successful is to hold it on a Saturday in the centre of Knaresborough but without interfering with any parking spaces.

“The previous one took up lots of spaces which did cause problems.”

The hope is to run the re-launched market on a monthly basis with other types of markets, such as arts and craft stalls running in the weeks between.

With KTC keen to make sure it compliments existing business and supports local shopkeepers, the return of the market also has the support of the town’s chamber of trade.

Vice President of the chamber, Steve Teggin said: “It would be absolutely superb to see the return of the market and it would be a really massive asset back to Knaresborough. Knaresborough people recognise that and know how important it is to the town.”

Now the decision is left to be made by the councillors and Coun Monaghan is hoping they will support the recommendations of the group.

He said: “We are hoping councillors will agree with us so we can consult residents and shopkeepers.

“We want to make sure whatever we do compliments local shops and doesn’t compete with them.