Jewellery robbers jailed for 12 years

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Speaking outside court, Robert Caines, whose family-run Caines Jewellers has been in Wetherby for 32 years, told the Wetherby News he thought the sentences were too short.

He said: “I think the men who did this are scum.

“I don’t think 12 years is enough punishment for them.

“I don’t think just because they pleaded guilty they have shown the slightest bit of remorse.

“Why did they carry on doing it so many times?

“Since this robbery I have become very aware of my surroundings and have a lot of background anger.

“I am very concerned with security of both the shop and my own home and have increased security at both.

“It’s ridiculous that something like this happens in a small market town like Wetherby.”

Det Chf Insp Simon Beldon of West Yorkshire Police’s Crime Division Unit, said: “These men were callous and calculated in their mission to steal thousands of pounds in cash and jewellery, terrifying innocent members of the public along the way.

“They threatened members of staff with sledgehammers and sometimes a firearm and in one incident, pushed an innocent man down the stairs as they stole a large amount of expensive jewellery.

“I am pleased that these dangerous criminals have been removed from the streets of West Yorkshire and can no longer pose a threat to our local communities.”