It Asda be keep fit in the aisles

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Supermarket colleagues at Asda Harrogate have teamed up with professional personal trainers and exercise gurus from Pure Gym Harrogate, to create an ‘Aisles Aerobics’ workout to raise awareness around sugar intake and healthy living.

Customers joined in the first in-store sessions this week, as part of the supermarket’s month long Change4Life programme, which aims to highlight the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Pure Gym personal trainers Horia Domocos and Nathan Benton, led customers and staff through star jumps, squats, lunges and press ups in the in the fruit and veg aisle of the Harrogate Asda store.

The store’s Community Life Champion, Angela Smith, said: “At first I think a few people wondered what was going on, but very quickly pretty much everyone I could see started joining in with the exercises and we’ve had lots of positive feedback from customers afterwards, as well.”

Horia said: “It is a great introduction to physical exercise as part of our routines.”