Introducing the new Wetherby Mayor

NAWN 1806101AM1 Sandringham Park Funday. The Mayor of Wetherby Coun Galan Moss has his work cut out in the tug o war (1806101AM1)
NAWN 1806101AM1 Sandringham Park Funday. The Mayor of Wetherby Coun Galan Moss has his work cut out in the tug o war (1806101AM1)

I would like to say hello to all the people from Wetherby and introduce myself as your newly elected Mayor, writes new Wetherby Town Council Mayor Coun Gallon Moss.

I am looking forward to serving and representing Wetherby at the various events I will be attending throughout my term of Office. I will be promoting our beautiful town of Wetherby at every opportunity.

My theme for the coming year is the young of Wetherby and with this in mind I have invited the Parent Teacher Associations at all four Primary Schools in to be be my Mayoral Charity. I look forward to hearing from them and, hopefully, working with them over the next few months.

On the weekend of the 9/10 June the Mayoress, Sandra, and I decided that since we had no other commitments we would spend the time in Wetherby.

First of all we visited the Coffee Morning at the Methodist Church where met friends old and new. We then moved onto the Summer Fete at St James Church and met even more friends. Next it was the Art Festival in the Town Hall and yes, we met more friends.

On walking back home we noticed all the cars parked and children playing football on the Ings. I was subsequently informed that this was a Junior Football Tournament over the weekend organised by Wetherby Athletic Juniors FC and the Sports Association. Over 200 teams were taking part from as far as Scarborough as well as numerous local teams.

It started me thinking who was organising, running and planning all these events? Yes, you’ve got it - volunteers from our Town of Wetherby. What would we do without them?

On the subject of volunteers, I must congratulate Wetherby in Bloom on the hanging baskets. A suggestion next time you see a waterer tending the baskets (and you should easily see them because they are watered very day) - tell the waterers what a good job they are doing. I am sure they would appreciate it.

Sunday was the big Lunch at Sandringham Park to which Sandra and I were invited. I was fortunate to be starter for the children’s races and the umpire for the tug of war. Sandra enjoyed playing snakes and ladders with a little and girl and was touched when asked if she would be coming next year.

Again, this event was organised by volunteers. On the subject of Sandringham Park, when I joined the Council some nine years ago every month we received bad news about Sandringham Park.

But now every month Sandringham Park is still discussed but now it is an award for this an award for that. Well done to the Friends of Sandringham Park.

On Sunday afternoon Sandra and I attended the Golden Wedding Service at Ripon Cathedral. The event is a service for couples celebrating 50 years or more of marriage and part of the service was renewing vows of marriage which Sandra and I did.

The following Sunday we attended the Brass Band Marching Competition at Morley which proved to be very enjoyable as we were just spectators.

To end, I would like to encourage you when you are walking round Wetherby and you think someone is doing a good job why not tell them. I am sure it will make you feel better as well.

For my part, I will let you know next month how I have done.