How should we respond to crisis?

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The news about the refugees gets worse and worse.

Not just about those on our doorstep at Calais but those in Greece and Eastern Europe, let alone those crossing the sea to Italy.

The abandoned lorry with its 70 dead bodies and the border guards kicking and pushing helpless women and children fill one with rage and despair.

We all know how and why this has happened but where will it all end?

Does it sound too sanctimonious for Christians to say there’s only one possible response, with no ifs or buts?

It’s this: we are made in the image and likeness of God himself, our heavenly father. Therefore, we are all brothers and sisters in his son, Jesus Christ, who also suffered grotesquely, just like these refugees.

So, we have to recognise the suffering of Jesus in each and every one of these poor people, however, unattractive or even undeserving they may seem.

Paradoxically, Jesus turned his suffering and death around, and they became instead the way to his - and our - glory at his resurrection, giving us all a share in God’s heavenly kingdom.

How would we respond if we knew it was Jesus the refugee suffering there in front of us?

If we can’t see this we really are denying the whole point of our Christian faith, let alone 2000 years of Christian civilisation.

James Lomax

St Joseph’s