Hockey player determined to head back to the pitch after battling cancer

Jayne Redman (sixth from left) with members of the Harrogate Hockey Club team at Race for Life.
Jayne Redman (sixth from left) with members of the Harrogate Hockey Club team at Race for Life.

A woman who played for Harrogate Hockey Club for 30 years until she was diagnosed with breast cancer ran the Race for Life with her team mates on Sunday.

Jayne Redman, 48, from South Milford, is hoping to pick up her stick again in September after undergoing radiotherapy and a mastectomy.

To help her get back into the swing of things, she and nine members of the club took part in the Cancer Research running event on the Stray, in Harrogate.

She said: “I wanted to get back to being active now I’ve got the surgery and radiotherapy out of the way.

“Everyone at the hockey club has been really supportive and some of the members ran with me.

“We had a fantastic time and one of the girls did it in 23 minutes. Then we all went back and had a little party. So far we have raised £580.”

Jayne was diagnosed with breast cancer in December last year following a routine check-up.

She said: “It was a bit of a shock. I got a letter through the post asking me to go in for a mammogram. They are usually given to 50-year-olds but they do some for women who are 47. So I wasn’t even really supposed to have it.

“I went to London and when I came back there was a letter asking me to go back and that’s when they did another test and they told me.

“I didn’t have a lump and you couldn’t feel one because it was deep inside the breast. When they did operate they found two tumours as the smaller one hadn’t shown up on the mammogram. That was a bit daunting.”

Determined to put the cancer behind her, Jayne is now planning to return to the hockey pitch and play for the club again in September.

“I would like to play again now but I’m just a bit too sore to hit a hockey ball at the moment because I had implants put in both breasts when I had surgery.

“Hopefully in September I will be able to.”

Jayne has also signed up to take part in Tough Mudder in August to raise more money for Cancer Research and her husband has also got in on the act, raising £1,371 for the charity by taking part in a ‘Dry January’ challenge.