High winds blow market into touch once again

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WETHERBY Market fell victim to the high winds which have been sweeping the area recently.

Organisers Wetherby Town Council said that because of health and safety reasons they had to close the market last Thursday for the second week running.

Clerk Barbara Ball said last Friday: “We just could not put up the stalls at all because of the high winds early in the morning.

“And so this week we cancelled because of health and safety reasons.

“The market traders could not have put their stock out it was so windy.

“When it got to 1pm the winds had died down but it was too late then.”

She added that the markets’ location with the building in the middle, it contributes to the problem when it is windy.

“It lifts the stalls’ boards and sometimes items that are being sold and therefore poses a danger.

“Also it can damage stock such as clothes that the market traders are trying to sell.”

Most Wetherby market traders sympathised with the decision to close.

Paul Johnston, whose family has run a sweet stall at the site for over 20 years, said: “It has been cancelled twice in a row.

“It is the first time that I can remember this happening.

“But it would have been a danger to the public and if the market is cancelled then we cannot stay as it would invalidate our insurance.

Peter Hearsun of fashion stall Labels said it would have been too dangerous to stay open last week.

“Stock starts flying about and the wind gets under the stalls making them lift.

“The council did the right thing to cancel the market.”

Despite gusts yesterday the market was open for trade.