Wetherby restaurant raises awareness with special fresh juice

Life-changing juice at Wetherby's Filmore & Union is celebrated by mum Helene Stone, Adele Ashley of the cafe and Tadcaster Grammar pupil Hannah Stone. (S)
Life-changing juice at Wetherby's Filmore & Union is celebrated by mum Helene Stone, Adele Ashley of the cafe and Tadcaster Grammar pupil Hannah Stone. (S)

Wetherby healthy food restaurant, Filmore & Union, has created a special fresh juice in a bid to raise awareness and funds for a potentially life-changing new vaccine which could treat, prevent and possibly cure the digestive illness Crohn’s Disease.

The juice, which is purple to represent the official colour for Inflammatory Bowel Disease awareness, was created after 17-year-old Hannah Stone approached the company and asked them to support her and her family on their mission to raise awareness and funds for the Crohn’s MAP Vaccine, which has been developed by Professor John Hermon-Taylor of King’s College, London.

The 17-year-old Tadcaster Grammar student, of Boston Spa, said: “I love Filmore & Union, the restaurants are relaxing and the food is tasty and really healthy. I am so pleased that they have chosen to help us.

“Crohn’s Disease is a truly awful disease, I missed around three years of school and have had to endure toxic treatments and invasive tests.

“The only treatment that has ever worked for me is anti-MAP medication which is why we believe so strongly that this vaccine could help so many sufferers – it really could be a cure for this hideous disease – we really need to get the vaccine to human trials.”

Filmore & Union are donating 50p from every fresh juice – which is made from beetroot, pineapple, apple and ginger - to the Crohn’s MAP Vaccine and hope that it will go some way to helping Hannah, who was diagnosed with the disease at just 10 years old, and her family, who live at Boston Spa, with their fundraising.

MAP (Mycobacterium avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis) is a bacteria that is thought to be the cause of Crohn’s Disease by Professor Hermon-Taylor as well as other leading scientists.

With the right diagnostic test, 100 per cent of Crohn’s Disease sufferers are found to have a MAP infection; their immune system does not recognise the MAP bacteria and the vaccine works by simply telling their bodies to recognise and fight the bacteria.

The MAP vaccine has been trialled 100 per cent successfully on animals and the Professor and his medical team are trying to raise funds to continue their work and bring the vaccine to human trials, which could ultimately prevent, treat and cure Crohn’s as well as save lives.

Filmore & Union’s director Adele Ashley said: “When Hannah got in touch with us and asked us for help we just knew we had to do something.

“We’re known for our freshly squeezed remedy juices so creating a special purple juice and donating money from each one seemed like the perfect chance to do our bit to help.

“So many people still haven’t heard about Crohn’s Disease so it’s great to help raise awareness of the horrible disease that leaves thousands of people in the UK in crippling pain.”