Wetherby children’s centre welcomes Flutterbabies sessions

Flutterbabies have new six-week courses starting at Wetherby Children’s Centre on Hallfield Lane from Thursday February 16 at 10am.

Baby Yoga teacher Samantha Dalton, said: “Yoga has numerous marvellous benefits for babies and is very different from the majority of other baby classes available.

“It enhances their strength, flexibility and coordination and it helps the bonding process with mum.

“In one session a baby experiences as much physical activity as they would receive if they were handled and carried all day, which should help them sleep for longer.”

The classes work through a series of simple movements and stretches designed according to the baby’s age and natural development and many of the sequences are combined with simple rhymes and songs making it lots of fun.

And the deep relaxation at the end of the session helps Mums cope with the stress of parenting.

Flutterbabies hold other courses in Scholes. For more information visit www.flutterbabies.co.uk or phone Samantha on 07768 538527.