Race against time to save mum’s life

Kelly Durkin, from Garforth.'''''Cancer story Alison Bellamy
Kelly Durkin, from Garforth.'''''Cancer story Alison Bellamy

A race against time is on to save the life of an East Keswick mum.

A family has launched a desperate appeal to save much loved mum Kelly Durkin, 37, who was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix and pelvis last year, and has undergone gruelling treatment, but doctors have said there are no more options available to her.

The champion dog breeder is married to Mick and busy mum to two boys Ryan, 14 and Connor, 11.

Now friends and family have launched an emergency fundraising bid to pay for a private ambulance to fly her to Germany for hypothermia treatment, to strengthen her immune system, after tumours have also spread to her lungs.

The pioneering treatment is only available in Germany and the US.

Fundraising events are planned over the next few weeks for Kelly’s fund which has already gained around £3,500 in donations.

Animal lover Kelly, is currently being treated in St James’s Hospital, Leeds, but her family say as soon as she is fit enough they will fly her by air ambulance to see Dr Michael Kalden, at a clinic in Germany for the treatment, which will buy her time.

Her distraught mother Ann Sharrock said: “Ideally we would get avastin but it’s not available. My house is up for sale just to pay for treatment.

“We are already using a nutritionist and buying lots of walnuts and Brazil nuts, and high doses of vitamin C, to help her fight the cancer.

“The treatment here was going well but doctors here put her in category 4 and after she had a recent injection into her bone, she seemed to revert and has been in hospital for the last week. We feel everyone reacts differently to treatment and we want to continue. Kelly has been through hell and we just want to save her.”

Mr Sharrock said the news has hit all the family hard, particularly her husband Michael and sons.

Kelly’s cousin Amy Watkinson said: “Kelly has been battling cancer for the past year and was in part remission but the treatment available to her in this country has come to an end.

“There is, however, a ray of hope in a potentially life saving treatment available in Germany. Kelly is too ill to travel on a commercial flight and would have to go via an air ambulance which makes it even more costly.

On March 28 at Leeds Irish Centre, a fundraising night with entertainment is planned.

To donate to the cause, visit http://www.gofundme.com/78892w or Facebook about Kelly’s treatment.