Hospital offers cup of thanks

A TEA party at Harrogate and District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust this month, celebrated the hard work and dedication of the hospital’s many volunteers.

The annual event is an opportunity for the hospital to recognise the generosity and committment, shown by their team of voluntary workers, to the patients and people of the town.

Volunteer Co-ordinator Fiona Tomlinson, said: “Our wonderful team of volunteers, with age ranges from 16 to over 90, provide invaluable assistance throughout the hospital and the community.

“Everyone had a wonderful afternoon and long service awards were presented to over thirty-five volunteers, including recognition of volunteers with over 40 years’ service.”

Long service awards were given to Owen Mayes, Olive Duncan, Peter Gray, Eleanor Cook, Olga Stead, Joan Alderson, Jane Hawes, Mrs E Kind, Mrs B Marcus, Gillian Oldfield, Rheta Cookson, Sheila Castigan, Nigel Perry, Alan Gilbert, Phil Oldfield, Barry Brown, William Caw, Dorothy Briggs, Peter Horton, Mary Fox, Fred Mitchell, Bryan Bowlt, Edna Gibson, Shirley Bell, Carole Wilkinson, David Stretton-Downe, Betty Moon, David Simister, Audrey Williams, Henry Myers, Derick England, Eric Wright, Helen Holcroft, Sheila Johnson, Teresa Lambert, Margaret Dowson, Joan Miller.

High Sheriff Special Awards were presented to Rosemary Marsh, Patient Voice Group and mem- bers of the Lay Readers Panel.

Highly Commended Awards were given to young volunteers, Ruby Lusher, Emily Harkleroad and Laura Saia.