Have your say: Question mark over care home closure date

David Morton campaigner against the closure of Primrose Hill
David Morton campaigner against the closure of Primrose Hill

Campaigners say they still don’t know when a vital community care home they tried to save from closure will finally shut down.

Last September Leeds council bosses took the decision to stop new long term admissions to Boston Spa’s Primrose Hill purpose-built facility.

But after a recent meeting with Leeds City Council chief executive Tom Riordan, campaigner David Morton said they are still unsure what will happen to the residents.

“The most fundamental question still foremost on everyone’s mind is where will the present and future residents of Primrose Hill go to be cared for once Primrose Hill is finally closed?”

Mr Morton, who helped to gather a 6,252 strong petition against closure, added: “It is causing severe worries as to what is going to happen.

“The majority of families live on the doorstep and it is easy to get to visit but what about when we have a 20-mile or more round journey.”

The Primrose Hill group met with Mr Riordan, deputy executive board member for Adult Social Care Coun Ted Hanley and Anna Maria Clifford, programme manager for residential and day care.

He explained that they wanted to highlight what they see as failings of the consultation process and the attitude of council personnel.

“The meeting went as to be expected,” said Mr Morton.

“They were very defensive of their own people and clearly did not listen to what was being said which was a critique of the entire consultation process through to the Scrutiny Board.

“When the question of alternative homes was raised, Ms Clifford seemed to say she knew the answer and then referred to the development at Thorp Arch as being the solution.

“Surely Ms Clifford is not relying on some development that may be years away, or not even ever happen?”

Mr Morton, whose father-in-law lives at Primrose Hill, added: “Coun Hanley said he did not know where residents now and in the future will be cared for.

“Surely as deputy executive board member for Adult Care, that would be his priority question?”

A spokesman for Leeds City Council told the News: “The needs of our residents have always been our primary concern and the council changed our original recommendations in regard to Primrose Hill to reflect feedback we received during the consultation process.

“We recognise the group’s concerns and we have given every assurance that the home will stay open for as long as residents need it and their health and wellbeing can be maintained there, or until a new, replacement care home is opened by an independent provider in the ward.

“Any potential closure date would, therefore, depend on the number of residents living at Primrose Hill and their individual needs. That is why we have no pre-determined date for closure.”

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