Harrogate hotel manager in keep-fit lifestyle change

Tim Hardy Photography 2014
Tim Hardy Photography 2014

After 32 years of working in the hotel business, Grant Lowe decided to quit to try and change people’s lives.

As manager of Hotel du Vin, he was working long hours, cancelling plans with friends, - and realised something was wrong.

“My life was on hold. I wasn’t living any more. I didn’t have any balance between my work, and my life,” Grant, 49, said.

This line of thinking inspired the name for his new career venture, his personal trainer programme -Life Balance Fitness.

“I got in to the hotel business when I was 17.

“It’s changed drastically since I got involved. When I first started it was all about hospitality, but now it’s all about the business and figures.

“Rather than spending time with customers, I was spending more time in my office,” he said.

“I was given sets of figures to do, again and again. It added on to a 12 hour day, on what could have been a 60 hour week.”

He continued to experience lows both in the office and at home: he lost touch with friends, his father passed away and his in-laws were very ill.

According to Grant, what came next was the hardest step: making the decision to change.

Despite his heavy work load he made the effort to go to the gym on his days off, and during his split shifts.

Grant got a personal trainer, Francesca, who aided him further to change his lifestyle. So much so, he decided to leave the hotel business in February this year, and become a personal trainer himself.

He became fully qualified a few weeks ago – the last stage of change, but just the beginning of his new career.

“I’ve been looking after my health and fitness since I was 17. It’s always been really important to me, but other people tend to lack the motivation.”

“We get weighed down with bills, mortgages, families. People always make excuses: it’s too late to do something, there’s no time, or they can’t afford it.”

“I think age catching up with you plays a part as well.

“We all get stuck, and end up doing the same thing everyday. You realise life is passing you by. You’ve got to finally make the decision to actually do something.”

Grant is working as personal trainer from the Gambaru Fitness Gym, Station parade.

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