Harewood dental practice wins awards

Dental Excellence&.''Photograph by Richard Walker / www.imagenorth.net
Dental Excellence&.''Photograph by Richard Walker / www.imagenorth.net

A Harewood dental practice has won three major awards at the prestigious Private Dentistry Awards 2014 in London

Dental Excellence Harewood was selected as Best New Practice, Most Attractive Practice and Practice of the Year North.

More thank 1000 UK based practices entered under 14 key categories.

Dental Excellence Harewood competed against up to 13 finalists in each category to receive the accolades judged by an elite panel of dental experts and opinion leaders.

As well as clinical excellence the practice had to provide customer testimonials, evidence of team leadership/happiness and strong connections with the local community.

Donald Sloss, former ‘UK Dentist of the Year’ and partner at Dental Excellence Harewood said: “These awards are a real driver to ensure customer confidence and provide an external guarantee of practice performance.

“Given that we have only been established for one year, we feel immensely proud to receive not just one but three of the most coveted awards of the night.”

Dental Excellence is the collaboration of four of the UK’s top dental authorities that have combined their skills to provide a complete care solution to anyone that may need advanced treatments following dental disease, trauma or for cosmetic reasons.

The practice has invested nearly £2 million to convert a once derelict listed property in the Harewood Estate.