Boston Spa man praises ‘excellent’ NHS cancer care at Harrogate District Hospital

NAWN1103081  Brian Aston. 1103081AMa
NAWN1103081 Brian Aston. 1103081AMa

A BOSTON Spa man has praised the “excellent” care he has received on the NHS after receiving treatment for bowel cancer.

Brain Aston, 67, of Wycombe Avenue, said he was “very impressed” with the speed and the quality of the care he received.

Mr Aston, who had an initial screening before Christmas when a reminder letter came through the post, was called back in for more tests after the first proved to be inconclusive.

Further tests showed Mr Aston needed a Colonoscopy and CT scan confirming he had a cancer and a further operation would be needed to stop the disease from spreading.

Mr Aston was operated on a week later on February 9 at Harrogate District Hospital.

He said: “I had the operation on the Wednesday and spent a tentative week at home recovering from the operation, I was so relieved when the tests came back giving me the all clear. They confirmed what had been found was benign and I was thrilled.”

Mr Aston, who will be monitored closely with regular screenings every year for the next three years, said: “I would just like to praise the NHS who have worked so quickly and efficiently for me. The care I received was invaluable and the nurses were brilliant. Everyone should have this screening as it had saved my life and I may yet have another 20 years in me.”

The NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme offers screening every two years to all men and women aged 60 to 69. Bowel cancer screening aims to detect the cancer at an early stage in people with no symptoms, when treatment is more likely to be effective.

Currently 106 cases of bowel cancer are diagnosed in the UK every day and it is the third most common cancer after lung and breast cancer.