Harrogate taxi driver enjoys easier ride after decade of suffering ends

Peter Wilson has had a groundbreaking procedure to ease his suffering (NADV-01-10-15-008)
Peter Wilson has had a groundbreaking procedure to ease his suffering (NADV-01-10-15-008)

A Harrogate taxi driver has said his life has a ‘new perspective’ after receiving ground-breaking treatment for a condition that affected him both physically and financially.

Peter Wilson, 61 was one of the first patients to benefit from a new procedure called Urolift to relieve problems surrounding an enlarged prostate.

Exterior of Spire Leeds Hospital where peter had his surgery (NADV-01-10-15-008)

Exterior of Spire Leeds Hospital where peter had his surgery (NADV-01-10-15-008)

Mr Wilson underwent the procedure at Spire Leeds Hospital in April this year after a decade of suffering.

He said: “You talk to people about how you can’t go too far from the loos and they think it’s a joke but it’s far from it.

“It has restricted me in terms of the work I can do. I work for Blue line and I have been doing that for just under five years now.

“I have been unable to do long journeys, even as far as Leeds and York, and that has affected me in terms of my turn over. I don’t turn over as much money now as I did two or three years ago.

“The fact that you’re not in pain all the time is a massive plus point. I’m more confident now than I was six months ago. It’s not dramatically changed my life but it’s given me a new perspective.”

Peter, a married father of two, started experiencing symptoms 10 years ago and over the last decade tried various treatments, but the symptoms gradually worsened.

Mr Wilson said: “I was taking pain killers on a regular basis.

“Apart from the constant pain, its not excruciating but it’s constant, probably the worst thing is the uncertainty of when you’re going to need the loo next.

“That is always at the back of your mind and that affects you in terms of the journeys you make. If you go to the theatre or go to a concert you always have to be aware of the loos.”

After Peter was referred to Mr Neil Harris, consultant urologist at Spire Leeds Hospital they discussed his options in terms of surgery.

Mr Harris said, “Peter was suffering from a combination of urinary tract problems. His prostate was enlarged and this was causing difficulty with his bladder fully emptying.

The standard procedure for enlarged prostates is called a transurethral resection of prostate, otherwise known as a TURP.

But the procedure may become commonplace with treating this condition, as the Urolift treatment has now been recommended by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Peter said: “The standard surgery is quite an invasive procedure where they remove all or part of the prostate and that can give you some pretty horrendous side affects but also the recovery time is about three to four months, where you really can’t do anything.”

However with Spire Leeds Hospital being the first and only hospital in the Leeds area to offer this treatment, Mr Harris was able to offer Peter an alternative solution.

Mr Wilson said: “When the surgeons came up with this operation it seemed like a no brainer, because what do you have to lose, the benefits - if it works - are the same as you have with the TURP procedure.

“I was up and about the day after. The procedure is one you can have on the day and come back out the same day. If you’re offered something like that which takes two or three days out of your week compared to three or four months then why wouldn’t you.

“There is still pain of course but not the constant pain I was in and the pain killers I was taking I never really touch now so that’s been a big improvement.”

Harrogate patients can also benefit from Spire Leeds services without having to travel - consultations are now available at the outreach clinic at Mowbray Square Medical centre.

For more details visit the Spire Leeds Hospital website.