Harrogate mum turns to CCTV after family suffers repeated egging attacks

Extra security after egging in Harrogate
Extra security after egging in Harrogate

North Yorkshire Police has been forced to intervene after communities across the Harrogate reported being subjected to a spate of ongoing egging attacks.

Residents across the Hookstone and Starbeck areas of Harrogate, as well as those across Knaresborough, have been a victim of either one-off or repeated attacks.

North Yorkshire Police revealed that, since November, there have been 16 reports of anti-social behaviour and harassment as a result of egg throwing, with some reporting repeat offences.

However, Sergeant Ed Rogerson believes that many more residents will have been affected by the ongoing attacks and has called for more victims to report the attacks.

He said: “I can imagine what the victims are feeling and I can also imagine there are other residents who are victims but have not reported it to us because they think it’s just a one off.

“But there is a pattern to it. It’s happened in a number of areas and, although it’s not a serious crime individually, it builds up into a bigger nuisance for the community.

“It’s very annoying for the victims, especially as there is no apparent reason for the people for these people to have their properties or cars egged.

“It’s just pure anti-social behaviour. There are always people who do these type of things but, for some reason, since November and through to December and the new year, it’s been getting worse.”

Despite the numerous incidents, Sgt Rogerson said that the police had no suspects but did say there was a suggestion a vehicle was involved in the crimes.

One of the many victims of the egging attacks is Knaresborough resident Emma Harrison who said that her family had been subjected to four separate incidents since last summer.

On the last incident her son, who suffers with learning difficulties, had his bike targeted, forcing the family to invest in CCTV over their property.

She said: “When this happened for the first time in summer 2015 we thought it was just kids being kids. But, then it happened again in September when we were away for the weekend.

“The next time it happened was the beginning of October. This time it had hit our car and damaged the paintwork but we didn’t report it as we had no idea who could be targeting us.

“We thought it had stopped until this month when they hit my son’s bike. He has learning difficulties so when he saw the eggs I had to tell him mummy was just being clumsy.

“I knew it would scare him if he thought someone was doing it to him.”

If you have been a victim of an egging attack, report it to PCSO Ian Holmes on 101.