Green bin collections to be wheeled out in area

Wetherby will be one of the next areas to have more frequent green bin collections.

Around 100,000 properties in west, north west and north east Leeds will have their black bins emptied one week and green bins emptied the next with Wetherby and Harewood switching in November.

Coun Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment said: “Bin collections are one of the most visible council services and changes on this scale mean we need to take a considered, staged approach.

“The evidence from phase one clearly shows that we can up the amount of recycling we collect and send less to landfill by increasing the frequency of green bin collections.

“Our experience of introducing this service to 56,000 homes back in April and the lessons we’ve learned means that we can help everyone through the changes.

“With residents’ continued support we can maintain and exceed our recycling ambitions.”

The increased frequency of green recycling bin collections has been led by demand from Leeds residents.

During a consultation on the council’s waste strategy, people told the council they wouldn’t need their black bins emptied each week if their recycling bin was emptied more often.

Residents will receive an information pack and the Waste Doctors – the council’s specialist recycling advisers – will be hosting roadshows and attending events to offer residents advice on how to get the most out of their green recycling bin.

A council spokesman said some collection days may for change but residents will be advised well in advance of collection days before the new service starts, or check at Check-your-bin-day.aspx.