Grateful mum says thank you to Crossley Street Primary School

Connor Hoodless (11) with his twin brother Josh, mum Lesley and headteacher Sandra Clynes. (14061105AM1)
Connor Hoodless (11) with his twin brother Josh, mum Lesley and headteacher Sandra Clynes. (14061105AM1)

A grateful mother of twins is giving thanks to the school that has provided support to her sons for seven years.

At the age of four, Connor Hoodless suffered a brain haemorrhage just months before he was due to start his education at Crossley Street Primary in Wetherby.

With the health complications that followed, his mother Lesley shared her concerns with the school and was told that whatever happened the family was welcome.

In June last year Connor went to headteacher Sandra Clynes feeling unwell and she called his mum immediately.

Mrs Clynes said: “All the staff, myself included, know the children very well so Connor was sent to me because he felt unwell but I knew that it was more than a high temperature, so as soon as he came to me we could start putting plans in place to ensure he was well cared for.”

Connor collapsed in Mrs Clynes’ office and she called an ambulance. It was later discovered that his shunt had blocked and it was replaced. A few days later he had a

seizure and was taken into intensive care.

More shunt revisions followed, and as Connor returned to school in phases Lesley told the Wetherby News that without their support in this case and many others things could have been very different.

With only six weeks to go before Connor and Josh move on to St Aidan’s High School, she felt she had to give thanks beyond flowers.

“The school has really helped out. They had quite a lot organised already as in special needs support for children so they had a lot of teaching staff already there, but as the years have progressed Connor has had all sorts of issues and he had to have a carer with him during dinner,” she said.

“The government only have to give the school a certain amount of hours of support but Connor got everything. When I mentioned that to the head she said they to do it for health and safety.

“It is things like that. For me they have gone above and beyond the call. If I had a query and didn’t know something I have gone into the school and asked for a phased return and they have been great.”

Last week Lesley wrote a letter of appreciation and Mrs Clynes said this brought home the reality that Josh and Connor will soon leave Crossley Street.

She said: “It was a wonderful surprise and I didn’t know anything about the letter. I am very grateful to Lesley for taking the time to write it. It made all the members of staff very emotional but it also made us very proud of the boys.

“It is a privilege to be a teacher and it’s nice to get recognition because you hear lots of negative things about the profession.

“The boys have been with the school for seven years now. That is a long time but it has absolutely flown by and it will be hard to say goodbye to them.

“They are both very different children but they have both blossomed and in their own ways they are ready to go on their way to high school and that is hard to say as well.”

Connor and Josh have, however, received no special treatment and Mrs Clynes said any child could expect similar care while studying at Crossley Street.

She said: “We are an inclusive school and any child with any individual needs will be catered for. We are a very caring and nurturing school.”