Get fit for Bramham Park fun run

NAWN 1310061AM Bramham 10k Run. (1310061AM)
NAWN 1310061AM Bramham 10k Run. (1310061AM)

Bramham Park Fun Run is looming fast and personal fitness trainer Martin Shaw, who will warm up the runners, offers his top tips on how to get in shape.

The event, on October 5, is open to all from the most serious runners to people who want to stoll in the park. Martin advised:

1. Visit your doctor for a health check before starting training and begin with a run/walk/run programme. Start slowly and build up pace gradually. Always listening to your body and adapting training if any muscle pain or fatigue sets in.

2. Incorporate different types of exercise eg gym work, cycling, Pilates and always warm up for a run and cool down afterwards.

3. Invest in well fitted comfortable shoes and remember your heel should not rub and there should be room at the front for your big toe. They need to be lightweight and breathable for distance running.

4. Always schedule training sessions and use a diary to keep track of training days. Aim to train three days a week. Why not try and find a running partner as by doing so you are making an appointment and are more likely to keep it.

5. Fuel your body with the right food and load up on healthy carbs before a race to avoid glycogen (stored energy depletion).

6. Finally, always train within your limits pushing yourself just outside your comfort zone. Avoid exhaustion which could make you injury prone.

The entry fees are £8 for adults, £4.50 for children and £19.50 for families (maximum four people). Phone Ann Newton on 01937 841470.