From visits to elderly to phone scams

Tadcaster & Villages Safer Neighbourhood Team:  PC27 Liz Hartley'PCSO 5511 Becky Goulding and PCSO 5514 Andy Shipley (s)
Tadcaster & Villages Safer Neighbourhood Team: PC27 Liz Hartley'PCSO 5511 Becky Goulding and PCSO 5514 Andy Shipley (s)

Tadcaster Safer Neighbourhood Team have been busy in the community during June.

Numerous parking complaints have been received regarding the parking outside the shops on Bridge Street.

Due to the addition of new businesses making the town more of an attraction to visitors and locals, we have seen an increase in obstructive and illegal parking.

Enforcement will be carried out to deter future incidents, this is for the interests of customers and the businesses and we urge car users to use the free car parks in the town rather than parking illegally.

The team also attended at the local Community Engagement Forum held at Riley Smith Hall at the start of the month.

The CEF was well attended and the crime figures were presented and continue to show crime at a low level throughout the area.

Officers have carried out engagement at Popplewell Springs centre in Tadcaster, attending their coffee mornings and issuing advice on cold callers and bogus callers.

Information Packs containing advice on bogus callers and doorstep crime have been delivered to community centres around the area.

Kirkby Wharfe has been subject to a number of shed burglaries during June.

Numerous items such as bicycles, garden equipment, motorcycles and a quad bike have all been taken.

Three suspects were arrested at the time of one of the incidents and are currently on police bail.

The locals in the village played an important part in the arrests after contacting the police when suspicious vehicles were seen in the area.

Early in June, however, a scam occurred in Tadcaster whereby a local business received a phone call from a woman purporting to be the local Police Community Support Officer.

She engaged in conversation and asked for money to feature the business in the local crime prevention magazine, in which the business had apparently agreed to a few months prior.

This was a scam and we advise all businesses to be extra vigilant when taking telephone calls and especially in passing bank details over the phone.

We must stress also that the Police will never ask for payment for any services we provide.

Please contact your local force on 101 if you receive these phone calls are received.

Sunday July 19 sees the annual Tadcaster Carnival taking place along the High Street.

The police team look forward to seeing all on this day and hopefully the sun will still be shining.