Food hygiene ratings: Leeds businesses respond

LS6 cafe-bar in Hyde Park has now been awarded five stars
LS6 cafe-bar in Hyde Park has now been awarded five stars

The owners of Leeds businesses given low food hygiene ratings have been left dissatisfied by the Food Standards Agency inspection process.

Vegetarian restaurant Mango, in Wetherby, received a one-star certificate - meaning it requires major improvements - because an employee handbook was mislaid on the day of their most recent inspection in December. They had previously held a five-star rating, and have appealed the decision.

"It was down to poor management rather than hygiene - we couldn't produce the handbook on the day, it was just a coincidence. I feel it's unfair we've been dropped four stars rather than just one, so we've appealed and are waiting to hear back," said Upasana Dhiliwol, whose Alwoodley-based family run the business.

While Hyde Park's LS6 Cafe retained a one-star listing on the Food Standards Agency's website despite a change of ownership. It has now been given five stars following a fresh inspection on Monday February 13.

LS6 owner Yogesh Solanki has invested £100,000 in a renovation project at the cafe-bar, which has long been a popular student haunt.

A dentist by profession, he took over the business around a year ago and also runs a champagne bar in the city centre.

"It's got a rustic, shabby-chic style which we've kept, but we've brought it up to standard and there are lots of procedures in place now. We offer live music, a quiz night, yoga, cheese and wine tasting and a movie theatre, and we want to attract a diverse age group.

"I think the inspection process is fair - when I took it over, it didn't deserve more than one star, and I've gone above and beyond - with my dental background, I'm very thorough about hygiene. It is quite strict, and I know they sometimes focus on little things, but to get one star I think you have to be quite bad. The inspectors sometimes pick up on more minor things, but I think they've every right to do that."