Follifoot News

John Chilton

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The Church of St Joseph and St James Follifoot: the service on Sunday, August 18 will be holy communion at 9.30am.

Household waste: collection at Follifoot will be on Wednesday, August 21.

Follifoot school: the bags to school collection amounted to 840 kg which generated £420. The next bags to school collection will be in October.

Follifoot with Plompton Parish Council: there will be no meeting in August but residents are reminded that the council has a website:

Christian Aid Week: in Follifoot raised £171.17. Thanks are due to Karen Mallice for arranging the distribution and collection of envelopes.

The Children’s Society: box collection raised £329.85. You can get a box from Peigi Kendall to put in all that small change that collects in your trouser pockets or purses.