Flooding in Wetherby, Tadcaster and Boston Spa – latest

Flood warnings are still in place and travel problems are still causing disruption due to the heavy downpour earlier this week in the Wetherby area.

A flood warning, issued by the Environment Agency, is still in place in the town, however river levels are falling.



The body, which measures the height of river levels, says the level of water at the River Wharfe is falling slowly after peaking at 2.4 metres on Tuesday lunchtime.

It has now fallen to its current level of 1.5 metres at 5.14 this morning.

Chaotic scenes gripped Wetherby yesterday as Wetherby’s biggest free car park – The Wilderness – was closed due to the risk of flooding.

Meanwhile flooding was still causing problems in Tadcaster on the A659 Bridge Street, which remains closed due to bridge inspection work between Kirkgate and Oxton Lane.

There is currently no access to the bus station.

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