Flood warning for Wetherby

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Flood warnings have been issued by Environment Agency bosses for Wetherby at lunchtime on Tuesday.

The body, which monitors river levels, said the height of the Wharfe had risen following the heavy rain in the region.

And the level at Flint Mill recorded at 12.48pm was 2.4 metres and will continue to rise.

Owners have been racing to rescue their cars from the flood waters at the Wilderness car park in Wetherby.

Levels at Collingham were recorded at 3.3 metres and rising steadily at 5.21am.

And at Spofforth Wetherby News correspondent John Chilton said there was flooding in the village near Grange Avenue.

Drivers were diverted as the road between North Deighton and Spofforth was closed this morning.

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