Festival looks set to go ahead

Gareth Gates.
Gareth Gates.

Wetherby Festival now looks set to go ahead after new officers were recruited to help organise the event.

An SOS was sent out by chairman of the 35-year-old valued entertainments feature, Richard Messenger, just days before the AGM as numbers fell to just three.

But Mr Messenger announced this week: “I am delighted to say that we elected four new directors at the Wetherby Festival AGM.

“We have John Wood and Anni Wood, who have both been directors in previous years, and Sheila Mirczuk and Ian Robertson who are new to the committee.

“We now have a committee of seven people and Ian has kindly volunteered to fill the role of treasurer and Sheila to design our publicity brochure.”

Mr Messenger, who has been chairman for the last year and a past treasurer, added: “In addition we have had a further three people who have expressed an interest in assisting with the organisation of events.

“Therefore, we are in a good position to put together what will hopefully be a successful Festival commencing on October 16 this year.”

The festival, which has previously welcomed stars such as Gareth Gates and Humphrey Lyttelton, was in doubt because of lack of help.

The AGM heard that the same level of cash funding that Leeds City Council has provided in the past may not be available.

“We are, therefore, very keen to pursue other avenues of both cash and practical assistance from local sources as well as the council,” added Mr Messenger.

And he said that Reverend Brendan Giblin of St James’ Parish Church has also offered to become involved in festival events.

The first meeting of the newly elected committee will be on March 4 when members will start organising and booking events for October.

The Committee would be pleased to hear from readers with any offers of assistance, suggestions on what type of events they would like to see or if they would like to become a member and receive priority booking and reserved seating.

Please contact Richard Messenger on 01937 586354, Email wetherbyfestivalsec@hotmail.co.uk or write to: Festival Membership, River Haven, Linton Common, Linton LS22 4JD.